Atelier Miànatra


“Ny fianarana no lovasoa tsara

The study is the best inheritance

(Malagasy proverb)


The word "miànatra" in malagasy means "to study": we chose this term to name this atelier, because in these years of volunteer experience in Madagascar we have always been hit by the good will with which Malagasy approaches learning and knowledge and their desire to improve through the study, as a well-known proverb says "Study is the Best Heritage".


The idea of activating this lab was born out of the summer experience of the international volunteering camp conducted between July 2017 and September 2017 and the desire to resume a past experience in which we devoted to the organization and implementation of Italian language courses in Nosy be during the years 2008-2013.


Our laboratory is an atelier dedicated to knowledge and study. The laboratory will be able to receive training courses related to different subjects.


For the year 2017-2018 will be activated:

- A literacy course

- An Italian literacy course


The atelier also wants to offer volunteer opportunities to people with specific skills in teaching.


Knowing the Italian language represents for the locals a "bonne chance" to find a job in Nosy be. In particular, the use of the Italian language is required locally, especially from the Italian accommodation facilities, which increase and increase year by year on the island.


We remember that Nosy be is Madagascar's most popular tourist destination and tourism is an area that offers many working opportunities in the island, compared to other areas of Madagascar.

During the volunteer field from July 2017 to September 2017 Italian literacy courses were held for children and adults in the village of Ambondrona and the surrounding areas with the volunteers.


From the term of the volunteer camp we have come to the request of our village association to be able to continue studying the Italian language.

Knowing our language is therefore a need for the premises, to which we intend to give a concrete structured response, taking up an activity already carried out in the past.

In particular, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

- Encourage the learning of the Italian language

- Encourage literacy paths

- Encourage socialization moments to decrease social isolation phenomena


We also have the goal of promoting literacy because, over the years, we have learned that Italian-language courses are also accessible to illiterate people, so the lab also offers opportunities for local people to attend literacy courses.


Recall that illiteracy in Madagascar is still a serious problem and according to the statistics of the Ministry of National Education the national literacy rate is 54%.



Course characteristics


The course will start at the end of November 2017, lasting until August 2018.

Lessons will take place in the village of Ambondrona, once a week and 130 hours of lessons are scheduled.


The workshop will be held by a Malagasy teacher, with whom we have been working for over 10 years to complete the courses, graduating with a ten-year experience in teaching Italian. 


In August, final exams are scheduled to evaluate the level of learning and delivery of final degrees.


Course topics and objectives are:


• Acquiring a minimum basic vocabulary

• Decoding linguistic signs and correct their pronunciation

• Storing words and phrases, dictated and then autonomously.

• Acquiring the structure of the sentence with its expansions.

• Using verbs as indecent: present, past, imperfect, future.

• Using direct and indirect pronouns.


• Achieving a linguistic competence that allows you to understand and understand in various situations related to the daily life.



In particular, during the course of Italian literacy, volunteers will be required to have a "conversation" in the Italian language with the students, in order to offer the opportunity for the Italian language speakers to test their learning in the course of lessons.




The course is for : Adults, minors, teenagers, women in Ambondrona village and Nosy be neighborhoods



The course will start on Sunday 26th November at 15:00 pm  at Villa Mangigny, Ambondrona.


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